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10 reasons to hire me ASAP

View my resume here

1. Planning content-


I think big picture and can develop cross-functional campaigns that align with business objectives.

I’m highly creative with experience in planning and devising campaigns that engage, inform, and motivate. 


As a Founding Member of Verishop, I developed our first inaugural holiday campaign. The goal: to boost sales. I was responsible for digital strategies and executing content on desktop, mobile, and mobile application. Utilizing my creative skills, I produced custom holiday-gift-guides with corresponding marketing content across all channels. Maintaining the cross-functional marketing calendar, I ensured content launched cohesively, oversaw digital voice, approved copy, social assets, emails, and tracked performance.

Fun fact: I generated revenue from $0 to $2M during holiday season, year 1 of business #goals

Untitled 6.png

2. Coordinating content-


I bring experience working with partners, coordinating, and executing marketing content. 

I am the middle man between marketing and creative. I lead what merchandise and content is shown across social marketing channels and the site. I coordinated and individually launched editorial and dynamic custom landing pages for Verishop and cost-efficient marketing partnerships (such as theSkimm and Rakuten). Among other things, I collaboratively worked with the Creative Director to coordinate campaign content, handpicked all image selects for site and social channels, and partnered closely with graphic design to make assets flow.

*P.S. check out this cool campaign video I coordinated for Verishop's launch day.

3. Executing content-

I can execute cohesive content across various platforms. 

I have experience executing online merchandising strategies, optimizing digital content placement, and implementing product rankings that maximize profitability (utilizing appropriate algorithms, of course). I support marketing strategy and own user testing for site-wide marketing campaigns. At Verishop, my site merchandising contributed to 4M page views, aka 30% of page views for Verishop’s overall website in year one of business. In other *creative* news, I produced and executed all vignette images for GUESS' eCommerce business, aligning cross-functional partners’ visions with eCommerce vision, communicated all art direction in the studio, and was a stylist during flat product shoots.

A highlight of my career - working on the GUESS X ASAP Rocky collaboration and bringing the partnership to life from concept to fruition. Side note - this collaboration sold out the first day it launched. *Channels inner ASAP Rocky* I love cool merch that’s my *** problem.

Image by Behnam Norouzi

4. Calendar Management- 


What can I say, I'm a pro calendar manager who has mastered

juggling multiple priorities in a fast-paced environment - it's all I know.

At GUESS, I planned and managed monthly marketing and promotional calendars for US and Canadian lines. I drove bi-weekly homepage flips, custom page updates, promotional initiatives, daily (AM + PM) emails, and aided with social strategy. I notified teams of new promotions, changes, and updates to the marketing calendars. Supporting key investments and product stories, I adjusted planned content with fast-moving market trends as necessary. Ecommerce promotional strategies and retail promotional strategies were aligned as I ensured timely pricing execution and cohesive brand voice across online and retail stores. #omnichannelbusiness 

5. email marketing-


Ping! You've got mail and a site to browse.

The inbox is a valuable place. At GUESS, I planned global marketing emails and executed email strategy for US and Canadian lines, running A/B tests for both women and men segments (managing up to 35 emails per week). Partnering close with my graphic designer and copywriter, I ensured that creative and digital brand voice was cohesive. I approved copy and creative, making suggested edits as needed. When assets were ready, I conducted final user testing on all new email pages, emails, and offer codes to confirm accuracy and high-quality user experience. I continuously sought ways to optimize email campaigns. 


As a result of creating profitable emails and driving promotional marketing strategies that worked for the customer, I increased website business by 64%, mobile app business by 4%, and conversion by 2.2% in the 2019 fiscal year. #winning 

Untitled 18.png
Image by Kon Karampelas

6. Analyzing-


When it comes to data analysis, I get the story the numbers are trying to tell.

Data is what should drive all actions. I excel at monitoring sales patterns, market trends, anticipating product needs, and providing business recommendations. I have strong attention to detail and excellent problem-solving skills. Aiding in merchandising strategy,  I analyze consumer behavior, site performance, inventory, and product sales. I provide insightful reports measuring the performance of digital initiatives and deliver key learnings, business opportunities, and improvements.

Pssst* as a result of merchandising digital initiatives I executed at Verishop, I delivered $0-7.2M in gross merchandise sales, year one of business. I believe GMS is a valuable metric for online retail because it represents the intent of customer purchases. 


7. Social activity-


I have experience devising social marketing strategies and am in permanent beta. 

Currently, I'm enhancing my social media marketing skills and putting them to work during quarantine. I'm in the process of re-strategizing social media business accounts and approach for Beyond Inviting Couture, Custom Invitation business as a side hustle. Testing various Google display ads and Instagram marketing strategies, I plan to roll out successful initiatives. I'm being proactive during this pandemic to keep my skills operating. Social connection is key. IYKYK

View my Licenses and Certifications here

SEO Marketing Foundations

Social Media Marketing Foundations

Marketing on Instagram 


8. Content Production and photoshoots-


I can wear multiple hats and balance lots of tasks. 

I served on all categories while at Verishop across fashion, beauty, wellness, home goods, tech, and kids, and four brands while at GUESS across the women’s, men’s, footwear, and accessories categories. Being a pro multi-tasker, I managed product launches and scheduled and participated in all eComm product and editorial shoots. I oversaw the sample management calendar coordinating 150+ samples monthly with cross-functional teams, including buying, visual merchandising, marketing, and social.

Clothing Rack
Ready to Shoot

9. I stay #Trendy- 
I stay up to date with the latest trends. I roll with the flow and pick up new technology quickly. 

Successful content strategy and social media centers around adapting to consumer behavior and market landscape. First, you must establish your customer personas, followed by setting clear goals in order to personalize campaigns. Choosing the right media channel(s) is crucial to reaching your target audience, and so is monitoring performance in real-time. I follow the cool cats and kittens with the latest social media trends (said in Carol Baskin’s voice).

072817_Guess Vignettes_209.JPG

10. Creative concepting-


I love being creative.

Being recognized as the key driver in deciding how product assortment was styled, shot, and featured, I headed monthly creative content meetings, otherwise known as “creative brainstorms.” I reviewed key investments from the incoming delivery and scoped out how to shoot into investments utilizing theme, expression, trend relevancy, backdrop, and props. I evaluated prior month’s site and social performance, discussed channel goals, and how the team would help achieve those goals through creative initiatives. Addressing previous tactics that worked vs. what didn’t work, I developed a creative marketing strategy (and calendar) around successful initiatives and promising opportunities each month. 


I love being able to develop innovative shoot concepts, implement concepts from brainstorms to the studio, choose image selects, work with graphic design on web assets, push content live and see performance translate into data.

At GUESS, in the 2019 FY, I increased holiday sales by 11% due to the success of creative marketing. #big #holiday #energy

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